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When to go to Madagascar: the best periods


Madagascar, the biggest island in the Indian Ocean, is the ideal destination for those who love nature and wild environments. On this Island, about 80% of the animal species and 90% of the flora are endemic.

You may come across rare animals, like black lemurs, and discover many aromatic plants or spices, the most famous being ylang-ylang and vanilla. To this, we may add the presence of enchanting beaches with extremely white sand and a sea with the most spectacular colours in the world, where you can get lost among the waves or dive in for a swim amidst the wonderful coral reef.

The most visited part of Madagascar is Nosy Be Island, where the VOI Amarina Resort awaits the most adventurous travellers to really treat them after their excursions and water activities, thanks to a large facility with a whole range of great services, a restaurant offering gastronomic delights and very comfy rooms.

The climate on the island is pleasant all year round. Still, the best period to visit Madagascar depends above all on your travel preferences and the type of activities you are interested in.
Let’s have a detailed look at how the various seasons operate and when in Madagascar it is the best period to really enjoy the sea.

Madagascar in April and May

This period sees the start of the dry season, which corresponds to our Autumn. The climate is mild and pleasant, with temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees.

You can have an adventure exploring the Central Highlands with its picturesque villages and the Andasibe-Mantadia nature reserve, a nature park right near the capital, Antananarivo, where you can see lemurs, chameleons and other very special animals living in their true habitat.

April is also the time of the Santabary Festival, which is dedicated to the rice harvest.

Madagascar from June to September

When it is Summer in Italy, in Madagascar it is Winter, even if the temperatures are not as tough as in Europe. This is the best period for wandering around the island, also because all areas are accessible.

Why not visit the parks, like Ankarafantsika and the Hautes Terres Highlands. This area is home to the famadihana, the "return of the dead", a ritual of much importance to the local population, which consists of renewing the ancestors' shrouds to keep them warm. There is a lot of dancing and banquets with zebu cow meat, pork, and red rice.

July and August, then, are best for visiting the Eastern part of Madagascar, as it is the period of the vanilla harvest.

From July to September in the south and in May Be, you can see whales and, in the Bay of Sakalava, in the north of the island, the winds blow strong for lovers of kitesurf and windsurf.

There are many villages in Madagascar to stay in to crown off the dream-like experience of a trip to this paradise island. They differ in line with the area you want to explore but both have the same top-class features: impeccable services and all mod cons for every type of traveller, aiming to ensure an exotic holiday with a binding feeling of completeness.

Madagascar in October and November

In this period of the year, in the East, you’ll be enchanted by the greenest and most luxurious part of the island, made so by the more copious rains, as this area has a sub equatorial climate.

In the north, on the other hand, the climate is drier and more temperate and always has some wind, an aspect of most interest to surfers, who come here to ride the impetuous swells. For the perfect holiday for the whole family, with ideal temperatures and pleasant breezes, the perfect solution is the VOI Andilana Beach Resort, on Nosy Be Island, built without architectural barriers, and boasting a lovely pool with an enchanting view of the ocean and access to a fine white beach to really enjoy.