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Zanzibar in August: useful travel advice


August means holidays for many Italians, and so this is also the period for organising exotic trips. Of course, the climate is one aspect to consider to ensure a dreamlike holiday, as in certain parts of the globe, it might not be suitable for enjoying the sea and the sun.

In August, the climate in Zanzibar never disappoints and the golden sun, the turquoise sea and the white sand await tourists looking to enjoy all the magic of an enchanted location.

Tanzania is a destination whose every corner provides moments of extraordinary beauty - you will be simply charmed by the local culture, the tropical forests and the sea.

There are many resorts in Tanzania on the sea, and they are designed for guests to enjoy a stay of well-being and total relaxation with a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean.
Here, we bring together some useful travel advice focusing on the weather in Tanzania in August and how to pass your holidays in Zanzibar in August.

The temperature in Zanzibar in August

The climate in Zanzibar in August is excellent because temperatures during the day get to 29 degrees and at night do not drop below 20 degrees. Considering that, you can already work out how to dress in Zanzibar in August: light clothes by day, a jacket at night, and a hat to protect your head when walking on the beach.

We also recommend you pack a series of skincare products because the extremely white sand reflects the sun. If you intend to go on excursions or dives, you must have the right equipment and clothing, even if many parts of the island are well-equipped and allow you to hire everything you need for such water activities.

Useful information for your trip to Zanzibar in August

Going to Zanzibar requires an entry visa, which can also be downloaded online. You also need a valid passport with a remaining validity of at least 6 months from the time you arrive.

As for the currency, there is no problem using Euros. However, it is best to have cash too, as credit cards are not always accepted. Bear in mind that this is a Tanzanian archipelago with many wild areas and that their economy is based on a few services.

From the linguistic point of view, English is spoken in many areas because there are so many tourists. Kiswahili is also spoken, a Bantu language that is much spoken in Eastern Africa.

What to do in Zanzibar in August

The archipelago of Zanzibar offers many attractions, even if a holiday here is all about the beaches and relaxation.

The VOI Kiwengwa Resort, for this very reason, faces onto one of the nicest beaches in Zanzibar and has a lovely tropical garden leading tourists to Paradise.

As well as the wonder of the transparent water and wild white beaches, there are many other activities on offer, both nature and culture.