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What to see in Otranto: the attractions not to be missed


Gli ulivi, l’odore di salsedine, i pranzi al mare con la puccia salentina e la frisa al pomodoro.

Otranto incanta con i suoi panorami e le antiche tradizioni che sono sopravvissute alle epoche e persino al grande turismo, che ogni anno porta qui centinaia di migliaia di persone da ogni dove.

Le bellezze da scoprire sono tante, e una semplice guida che ne sintetizza alcune può essere utile per capire cosa vedere a Otranto e dintorni.

Visiting the historic city centre of Otranto

One of the first things to do in Otranto is definitely a stroll through the splendid historic city centre. It is like a fortress on the sea and is a labyrinth of streets, little crossing points and just so many little white houses, one on top of the other. The historic city centre of Otranto is like a postcard - one of the most beautiful towns in all of Italy. As well as the Cathedral which dates back to the year 1000, you also have to visit the Aragonese Castle, which was built to defend the city, after the famous invasion of the Turks in the Bay of the Turks. The attractions in Otranto also include the many local arts and crafts workshops and the bistros offering local gastronomic delights at all hours of the day.

The nicest beaches in Otranto and nearby

If you stay in Otranto, you simply have to visit the Bay of the Turks, one of the nicest beaches in the region, in all Italy, in fact. The sand is extremely white, the water is clear and, despite the presence of various facilities, retains a wild charm, due to the large pine forest protecting it, which you have to pass through to get to the Bay.
Secondly, but no less lovely, we have the ‘Torre dell’Orso’, a splendid beach bathed by clear turquoise water. This seaside location is perfect for kids and families and has both private facilities and open areas - though it fills up pretty quick, from midday on.

One-day or two-day itineraries: practical advice

If you don’t have much time, maybe because your travel plan includes various stop-offs in Puglia, here is some good advice for a one-day or two-day tour discovering the city.