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What to do in Siracusa and what to see nearby


A jewel rather than a historic town, with the coast bathed by a crystalline sea. Visiting Siracusa is a pleasure for your eyes but also for your palate, which will be delighted by the numerous dishes from the local Sicilian gastronomic tradition. A trip to the eastern part of the island offers a whole range of archaeological sites and starting points worth a visit, like the lovely Greek Theatre, which dates back to the 5th Century BC. But what usually astounds those visiting the place for the first time is Ortigia, that is, the more ancient part of Siracusa, connected to the mainland by two bridges, Santa Lucia Bridge and Umbertino Bridge. Ortigia by night is pure magic: the little lights warming the atmosphere, the gentle noise of the sea and the salty taste make this historic town centre truly unique in its kind, halfway between imagination and reality. See it for yourself, to believe.
However, the things to see in Siracusa have just started, as it has a very rich past, and its cobblestones streets bear witness to this, step after step. You can take a pleasant stroll along the Lungomare Alfeo, with a whole range of restaurants overlooking the sea, perfect for a regenerative stop-off.
Also in Ortigia, you simply cannot miss the mythological “Fonte Aretusa” Fountain, a soft water spring which contains ducks and fish amid the numerous papyrus plants. Not too far from here we have the Temple of Apollo and the Castello Maniace Citadel & Castle, monuments symbolic of Siracusa, the former Greek and the latter Norman.

Itineraries for visiting Siracusa

There are just so many attractions in Siracusa, and your selection depends on how much time you have to visit. It might be a good idea to have a look at a few itineraries, such as what to see in Siracusa and nearby in 3 days. First of all, you cannot but spend a full day in Ortigia and its beauty; the tour could start in the morning and then continue in the evening. In the afternoon, then, take a charming boat trip, one of the ones organised by local guides. After that, you can plan a day at the sea at Fontane Bianche, a splendid beach surrounded by soft water springs, and another at the towns near Siracusa.
If, however, you have more time and are in less of a rush, stay at a resort in Sicily, and enjoy a holiday combining the pleasure of discovery and hours of pure relaxation. The nearby places in this province also offer unforgettable landscapes and beaches. Of the towns close to Siracusa to visit, we certainly include Modica, Marzamemi, Vendicari and Pantalica, a wonderful archaeological site.

What to see near Siracusa

The so-called “Town of Arethusa” is truly stunning, but the surrounding areas are no less beautiful. A tour of Siracusa and nearby cannot omit stop-offs in Noto and Marzamemi. The former is just thirty kilometres from Siracusa and is like an open-air museum. It is no fluke that it has been declared a Unesco World Heritage Site due to the charming Baroque architecture, which is so rich and detailed. It is a place not to be missed by those who love art. Once you have seen Noto, you can continue straight on to Marzamemi, a splendid seaside town. For a long time, it was a fisherman’s village, and this authenticity has remained and survived the mass tourism which arrives in the Summer every year. The little port, the colourful boats and the tuna fishing nets paint a fine picture of rare beauty.
For lovers of wild nature, there is a nature reserve you cannot miss out on: Cavagrande del Cassibile, which is half an hour from Siracusa by car. The panoramas on offer in this corner of paradise are enchanting: there are gorges, waterfalls, lakes, and dense uncontaminated vegetation.

All these destinations are easy to get to from VOI Arenella Resort which, like the VOI Baia di Tindari Resort, is an ideal spot for a holiday of complete relaxation with all mod cons. The resort facility faces the sea directly and is surrounded by over 65 hectares of green.