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The sea in Villasimius: what are the nicest beaches?


Infinite beaches, crystalline water and hidden coves. As well as the sea, Villasimius also offers, as does the rest of Sardinia, ancient traditions and excellent food. All good reasons to organise a relaxing holiday here.
Unlike the northern part of the island, which is more famous and acclaimed due to its popularity with celebrities, this village in South Sardinia is decidedly more relaxed, but no less charming.
Here is a short list of the things to see in Villasimius.

What to do in Villasimius: the attractions you simply cannot miss

Staying in Villasimius means having the chance to mix up your days by simply relaxing under your beach umbrella and spending some afternoons discovering the main attractions here.

There are just so many, but here are the ones you cannot leave out of your travel plan.

Sant’Antioco: grottoes and Sardinian history

This island is within an island, connected to the mainland by a sandy isthmus. There are dozens of things to do and see here in Sant’Antioco.

Why not take a boat trip to discover the splendid marine grottoes or stop off at the Ferruccio Barreca museum, teeming with testimonies to the Pre-Nuragic and Nuragic Ages?

Trekking through the trials of Chia

For lovers of nature and adventurous strolls, it’s well worth visiting Chia, another coastal location in the province of South Sardinia.

There are many trails to choose from, on foot or in Mountain bikes, facing the coast and granting amazing panoramas.