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Sal Island: where it is and what to see?


Spiagge di sabbia bianca, mare turchese, paesaggi vulcanici e villaggi pittoreschi. Sono queste le meraviglie dell'Isola di Sal, il gioiello tropicale dell'Arcipelago di Capo Verde, a largo delle coste del Senegal, in Africa.

In questo piccolo paradiso, di appena 216 km quadrati, si può organizzare una vacanza all'insegna del relax o dello sport, con la possibilità di cavalcare onde impetuose, grazie ai venti che in diversi momenti dell'anno accarezzano le coste.

Per soggiornare si possono scegliere i villaggi a Capo Verde di VOIhotels, costruiti a pochi passi da spiagge incantevoli e in una posizione favorevole agli spostamenti e alle esplorazioni.

The location of Sal Island

Sal Island, called Ilha do Sal in Cape Verde, means Salt Island and is one of the northern islands of Cape Verde, the Barlavento Island Group. The name comes from the mass presence of sodium chloride deposits.
Discovered in 1640, it is a basically flat island with a few rolling hills extending delicately to the sea. It is the most popular tourist island in Cape Verde, even though it is not very big and can be fully explored in a short time. If you are in Cape Verde for a few days, in fact, you might organise a one-day trip to the island and then stay at the VOI Praia de Chaves Resort in the capital of the Archipelago of Cape Verde, on Boa Vista Island. In this way, you can relax by the sea, on the amazing beaches facing the Atlantic Ocean, and experience different landscapes and atmospheres.

What is the best period to go to Sal?

Sal Island enjoys an arid tropical climate characterised by warm and dry temperatures all year round. Rain is rare and usually occurs in July and August only.
Average temperatures are around 25°C, with minimum temperatures of 21°C in Winter and maximum temperatures of 30°C in Summer. Humidity is relatively low, which makes the climate nice during the hottest hours, too.
The best period to visit Sal is definitely from December to April when the temperatures are constant, and the sun shines almost all the time. In this period, you can enjoy the beaches and open-air activities without the risk of rain.
The months of May, June, September, October and November are equally good to travel to Sal, but as the winds are stronger then, temperatures drop and a trip to the island is more for water sports lovers - windsurf and kitesurf, for example.
July and August are probably best to avoid, as temperatures may be a little high and there is the risk of rain.

Sal Island: what to see

On Sal, you can enjoy several activities and visit many attractions. One place not to be missed is the Pedra de Lume salt evaporation ponds, which you can get to along a dirt path running alongside an old funicular. The path ends within the arc of an old crater in which the salt extracted on the island crystallises and is then processed. Here, we have a natural pond where you can bathe in warm, transparent water.