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Nosy Be: the nicest beaches not to be missed


Nosy Be, which means Great Island, is an island of volcanic origin in the Mozambique Channel, to the North-East of Madagascar and in the middle of a small archipelago.

It is simply heaven on earth, with intense colours, extremely white beaches, breathtaking bays and a hinterland guarding unique biodiversity characterised by hectares of rainforest, volcanic lakes and rolling hills dominating the island.
The beaches in Nosy Be are jewels set in the heart of the Indian Ocean and are the ideal place for exotic adventures and moments of pure relaxation. Every beach on the island has its own history as well, of course, as very fine sand, crystalline water and spectacular sunsets.
A trip to Nosy Be promises unforgettable emotions; a dream to be crowned off by staying at one of the resorts in Madagascar on the sea, where you can reconcile wellbeing and hospitality in front of the matchless spectacle of uncontaminated nature.
Let’s go now and discover the wonders of the island, with the nicest beaches in Nosy Be, which you simply cannot miss out on.

Nosy Iranja: the magic of nature

Nosy Iranja Beach is one of the most iconic in Madagascar. It is a little miracle of nature: we are talking about two little islands, joined by an isthmus of sand which can only be reached when the tide is low. A strip of thin grains of sand about a kilometre long which seems to be the road to heaven. The two little islands can be reached by boat and spending some time here is truly a gift to one’s soul. Romantic strolls along the beach, turquoise water and fable-like sunsets will make your stay truly magic. To stay longer on the island, why not stay at VOI Amarina Resort, the resort designed to extend the feeling of absolute happiness experienced at Nosy Iranja Beach.

Ambatoloaka: charm and culture

Ambatoloaka is the most touristy part of Nosy Be. It is a village of fishermen where you can dive into and experience the lifestyle and customs of the locals.

The beaches are like paradise, with coconut palms swaying in the wind and a warm sun standing firm in the ever-clear skies. As well as getting a tan, you can go on boat trips discovering the coral reef or strolls inland to admire exotic plants and the endemic animals.

Nosy Komba: paradise for adventurers

Among the things to do in Nosy Be, especially for the most fearless, you can visit Nosy Komba, the wildest of the little islands. Its shape, which recalls the shell of a turtle, is totally covered by dense vegetation, which becomes a tropical forest. You can only get there by boat and you dock at one of the fisherman villages.

It is ideal for those who love adventure and want to discover the most authentic part of Madagascar. Here you will come across lemurs, in their natural habitat.