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Capo Verde: where it is and when to go?


Beaches of golden sand lapped by crystalline water, a warm sun tickling your skin, a light breeze circling between the palms. Welcome to Cape Verde, the African archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, where African and Portuguese cultures come together to give life to a unique and charming mix.
Immersing yourself in its vibrant atmosphere, rich in music and colours and surrounded by uncontaminated nature is a unique experience.

To give your holiday a touch of magic, then, stay at the VOIHotels Capo Verde resorts, real corners of Paradise where you can relax, let yourself go and regenerate thanks to the roomy facilities, customised services and activities for all tastes.
Now, let’s see where Cape Verde is and what the best period to visit is.

The Cape Verde Islands: living a daydream

There are 18 islands in total in the Cape Verde Islands, with a total population of about 550,000 inhabitants, and they are located in front of the coasts of Senegal.
They are divided into two groups: the Sotavento Islands, in the south, and the Barlavento Islands, in the north.
The Sotavento Islands, including Sal and Boa Vista, are characterised by immense beaches and sand dunes, perfect for those looking for a holiday of relaxation and sea.
The Barlavento Islands, with Santiago and Fogo at the top of the list and easy to recognise on the map, have a wilder and more mountainous soul, with volcanoes, rainforests and picturesque villages. They are ideal for those who, as well as beaches, love to enjoy landscapes and nature, sauntering off on lovely walks and discovering the surprising flora and fauna of this enchanted place.

Air taxis are usually used to get around, even if the runs are not that frequent, especially in Summer. So we recommend you choose a single destination and discover it in full to avoid delays and hassle.
Those who decide to visit the capital, Praia, on Boa Vista Island, can choose to stay at the VOI Praia de Chaves Resort, just 3 kilometres from the airport and a stone’s throw from Praia de Chaves beach, and its enchanting view of the Atlantic Ocean.

What is the best period to go to Capo Verde?

Cape Verde has a great climate all year long. The temperatures, in fact, are always mild - about 25 degrees on average. The general climate is dry tropical, even if there are differences between the various islands. There is very little rain and the daily temperature fluctuations are 4-5°.
Cape Verde has a very nice water temperature, fluctuating between 24° and 28°. The best period to visit Cape Verde, however, is between November and July, because the temperatures are nicer. From the end of November, then, the trade winds blow, helping to reduce the heat. This is the most popular time for those who love kitesurf or watersports.
For those looking to organise a warm Christmas or New Year well in advance, the weather in Cape Verde in December is ideal for an unforgettable holiday.

What to see, what to do and where to go in Cape Verde

The archipelago of Cape Verde offers several activities, and every island has its own special character making it unique. For watersports lovers, the Ocean is the main attraction, offering diving, snorkelling, windsurfing and kitesurf.
On the other hand, those looking to discover the local culture and customs can visit the islands during the Carnival Holiday or enjoy concerts and musical events listening to the local music genres, like batuque and morna.