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What are the best beaches in Zanzibar?


In the cobalt blue ocean of East Africa, there is a tropical jewel which will enchant even the most experienced traveller with its beaches of white sand, crystalline water and a rich culture of a thousand nuances: Zanzibar.

This archipelago off the coast of Tanzania is famous for its breathtaking beauty and heavenly beaches which attract hordes of tourists worldwide every year.

But what are the best beaches in Zanzibar? The most beautiful ones, like postcard pictures, filling up Instagram feeds and, in Winter, taking our most beautiful sea out of the picture? Where there is less seaweed? From tranquil secluded bays to lively coastline stretches, a holiday full of relaxation, adventure, and pure natural beauty.

The nicest beaches in Zanzibar: Kiwengwa

Kiwengwa Beach is one of the most famous of the nicest beaches in Zanzibar, very much loved by tourists due to the affluence of all-inclusive facilities and dream-like resorts like the VOI Kiwengwa Resort, one of the nicest and prettiest villages in Tanzania.

About 5 km long, from the crystalline water of Melia Zanzibar to the picturesque village of Kumba Urembo, this enchanting beach has very fine white sand, a turquoise sea - perhaps the nicest sea in all of Zanzibar - and the majestic profile of the palm trees standing tall in the background.

Its vastness welcomes you to relaxing strolls along the shore, awarding you with moments of serene contemplation and discovery. The beach has lovely colourful stalls and stands offering a charming assortment of local arts and crafts and other souvenirs.

Michamvi: the nicest beach in Zanzibar at sunset

Located in the highest eastern part of the Island of Zanzibar, Michamvi Beach outlines the Bay of Chwaka with its uncontaminated beauty. Characterised by a unique tranquillity and enchanting sea colours, this area is still not very crowded at all, and a few resorts and hotels which have taken on mass tourism. Michamvi offers an authentic contact experience with nature, where the few facilities respect the surrounding environment, with a low visual impact on the landscape.

Michamvi is the ideal place for those who want to rediscover a sense of peace and quiet and fully immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Zanzibar. One of the most charming features of this beach is the breathtaking sunset view on the Bay of Chwaka, a magic moment that you simply cannot miss.

Bwejuu Beach

Located along the South-East Coast of the Island, Bwejuu Beach is definitely one of the nicest beaches in Zanzibar. It retains its roots despite the significant increase in tourism, maintaining intact the atmospheres of the past. Characterised by extremely white sand and crystalline seas, this area rewards you with relaxing strolls far away from the chaos of the more crowded spots. The tidal range is especially evident here, creating a charming natural spectacle. Along the coast you find the area of the cultivation of red seaweed, used in the cosmetics and food industries - you can see this seaweed during low tide or as you snorkel. Despite this, it is still one of the nicest beaches in Zanzibar and there is not too much seaweed.