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What are the best beaches in Cape Verde?


The Archipelago of Cape Verde, off the coast of Senegal, in Africa, is a real paradise on earth. Strolls along long stretches of golden sand, a sun that dances on the crystalline water and the sweet sound of the waves which, caressed by the wind, break gently on the shore. This is what awaits visitors to Cape Verde, an enchanting location of a thousand surprises.

Time seems to stand still here, and every instant spent here is a dream which comes alive.
Choosing one of the resorts in Cape Verde on the sea is the best way to fully enjoy the holiday experience in this exotic location, where relaxation, quality services and hospitality made in Italy merge perfectly with the surrounding area, creating an experience unique in its kind.

So what are the best beaches in Cape Verde and what activities will make this an unforgettable holiday? Let’s see now.

The Beach of Santa Monica, Boa Vista: a refuge for dreamers

The Beach of Santa Monica, on Boa Vista Island, is named after the beach of the same name in California.

Characterised by white sand dunes and lush vegetation, it is famous for being the longest beach in Cape Verde, with more than 11 kilometres of coastline. It is the perfect beach for those looking for peace and quiet, and it is completely wild. Here, you can surf and enjoy quad excursions.

Santa Maria Beach on Sal: the enchanted beach

Santa Maria Beach is in the town of Santa Maria on the Island of Sal, one of Cape Verde’s 10 islands. Crystalline water, a turquoise ocean and fine soft sand are the ingredients which make a stay on this beach in Cape Verde simply unique.

10 kilometres long, here you can enjoy water sports as well as relax and get a tan: try surfing and kitesurfing or dive into the ocean water to discover the wonders of the sea beds here.

The little town nearby, Santa Maria, is a seaside town where you can see the fishermen come and go and experience the bustling fish market. Near Santa Maria on Sal, why not stay at the VOI Vila Do Farol Resort, a place where you can forget all your troubles and the frenetic city and dedicate yourself to beauty and total relaxation.

Praia de Chaves on Boa Vista: a place of discovery

H2 Praia de Chaves on Boa Vista: a place of discovery
Praia de Chaves is on the Island of Boa Vista, near the village of Rabil. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

It is surrounded by white sand dunes shaped by the winds coming from the Sahara. The sea in this part of Cape Verde has thousands of hues, from emerald green to cobalt blue. About 10 kilometres long, it is ideal for long strolls and adventures looking for traces of the history of these places, such as the presence of chimneys dating back to the production of bricks.

Praia de Chaves Beach is also interesting from a natural point of view: from June to September, you can witness nesting by Caretta Caretta turtles, while in May, you will be enchanted as whales pass by. After a day spent enjoying the sun and adventure, take a well-deserved rest as you enjoy the fine local culinary treats at the VOI Praia de Chaves Resort, which faces this splendid coast.