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On more than two thousand kilometers of coastline, landscapes are always different: long stretches of fine and soft white sand alternate with inaccessible rocky stretches, which drop sheer into the sea. And then hills, mountains and a vast plain. We could not have asked for more alternatives to the Sardinian territory.
As evidence of its ancient origins, scattered throughout the region, you can still admire imposing menhirs and suggestive nuraghi, unmistakable traces of the settlement of prehistoric populations and part of a unique archaeological heritage. Even today, Sardinia remains an authentic land and, in some ways, still to be discovered. But what is already evident for everyone is that here, between sun and wind, there are some of the most beautiful and envied beaches and landscapes in the world. Choose to stay at VOI Tanka Village or VOI Colonna Village to believe.

Sardinia: 5 things to see


It is not difficult to see why this is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the whole region. Between the luxuriant Mediterranean scrub and incredibly crystalline waters, wild coves alternate with long beaches of pearly sand. Among the most beautiful, surely, Porto sa Ruxi, Cala Caterina and the splendid Porto Giunco.


Built on the Temo river, Bosa is certainly one of the most beautiful villages in all of Sardinia. Its historic center, made up of many colored houses lined up and overlooking the river, is dominated by the Colle di Serravalle, on which stands the majestic Malaspina Castle. In the Bosa Marina district, where the river flows into the sea, there is also a large and splendid beach.

The archipelago of La Maddalena

The two main islands of the archipelago are La Maddalena and La Caprera. About 20 minutes by ferry from Palau, these are also the only two islands that, connected by a bridge, can also be visited by car. The main attraction of this archipelago are certainly its beaches: both main islands, in fact, are real paradises for lovers of seaside life.


The capital of Sardinia is a wonderful and colorful mix of neighborhoods. Those that make up the historic center are four: Castello, surrounded by white walls and high medieval towers, Stampace, Villanova and La Marina, once frequented only by fishermen and sailors. To complete the picture, spectacular monuments, majestic religious buildings, fascinating archaeological sites and dream beaches.

The island of Tavolara

Located of the coast in front of Porto San Paolo, in the province of Olbia, the island of Tavolara is part of the Marine Protected Area of ​​Tavolara-Punta Coda Cavallo, habitat of some unique plant and animal species. Almost the entire island is made up of a huge granite mountain, at the edges of which there are wild and pristine beaches, with clear waters and rich seabeds.

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