A concrete commitment to a topic that is close to our hearts

Our goal is to develop hospitality that meets the highest standards of environmental and social sustainability. How are we achieving this? By making important ethical choices, supporting communities, and valuing the territories that host our facilities. But we are not alone, because every day we inspire our guests to become valuable collaborators in building a better tomorrow.

The vacation that is good for the planet

Looking ahead means not setting limits so as not to impose them on the future

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council is an organization established in 2007 to promote sustainability and social responsibility in the world of tourism. VOIhotels has implemented a certification process for its consumption and behavior in energy-related issues. The GSTC certification is the only internationally recognized certification that guarantees compliance with social, economic, and environmental requirements. We value the territory by understanding and respecting the local culture, keeping up with technology in terms of energy and consumption, and committing to the purchase of local products with recyclable or reusable packaging because hospitality also means sustainability.

Stop to single-use plastics

Small steps for big goals

In 2019, we said no to the use of single-use plastics, and today we can proudly say that all of our facilities are #plasticfree. We are very happy to set a good example for our guests who, by participating in this initiative during their stay, also become more aware of the importance of responsible consumption and proper disposal of this material. And the environment thanks us.

A whole other flavor

The local taste

With corners dedicated to organic and locally sourced products, where possible, we bring all the goodness of a territory to your table. In this way, we encourage the economy of the communities in which our facilities are located and, at the same time, enrich the vacation experience of our guests, allowing them to discover the typical, healthy, and genuine ingredients of each destination.

A choice of love

Good for YOU, good for the planet

Taking care of our guests is our mission. When we can do that while also doing good for the environment, it’s the best for us. Exclusively for VOIhotels, DPlanet, a new line of bathroom products has been created using highly sustainable formulas, without any additives or chemical preservatives, and with completely plastic-free packaging: hand leansers and shower shampoos that are good for the skin and respect the environment. In short, a treat for you and for the planet.

Other projects


For more sustainable tourism

Alpitour World has developed the “Gabbiani Verdi” Protocol to ensure more sustainable tourism, verifying that the accommodations featured in the catalogs and on the website meet sustainability indicators.

VOIhotels is also involved in this initiative for more responsible tourism.

Together we take care of the planet: One tree at a time.

A concrete commitment to a topic that is close to our hearts

With your help, VOIhotels and Treedom are committed to creating a forest in Madagascar and Tanzania to combat climate change, promote biodiversity, and support the communities where our resorts are located.

On vacation, without surprises

Just as we are

All of our facilities are certified by Dream&Charme, the Italian organization that, through a team of experts in the tourism industry, guarantees compliance with requirements of uniqueness and excellence, in terms of hospitality and eco-sustainability. Today, more than ever, by staying at a VOIhotels property, you can be sure to find yourself in a true paradise of hospitality.

Renewable energy for a sustainable future

Many small gestures for great achievements

We are proud to announce that all VOIhotels Resorts have chosen to use electricity exclusively from renewable sources throughout 2022, significantly reducing the environmental impact of our activities.

This decision reflects our commitment to sustainability and our desire to reduce the environmental impact of our tourism activities. We will continue to work to improve our environmental performance and promote sustainable practices in all our Resorts.

Thank you for your support in our mission for sustainability!

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