Facilities that prioritize personal well-being and destinations that offer a respite from the fast-paced rhythms of daily life, allowing for a personalized experience to discover the local territory.

Guest Specialist

The Local Expert is a professional figure who adds specialization in offering local experiences and excursions to their Guest Relation at VOI Essentia.

They are knowledgeable about the territory, its traditions, and its “special places” in order to create tailor-made packages for guests. They can book all available hotel services (restaurants, transfers, taxi service, car rental), and can be found either at the restaurant entrance or at the bar during the aperitif hour.

Sport Specialist

They know the rules of the game and will facilitate team spirit. They will encourage moments of conviviality even outside of sports events.

They will professionally offer group lessons for sports indicated in the hotel programs and organize entire themed sports days.

They will manage and plan all tournaments and challenges, interpreting a specific role based on the type of guest each time.


The union of body, mind, breath, and energy, combining stretching and muscle strengthening practices that lead to achieving well-being and calm by working on the psycho-physical-emotional level.

Yoga Pilates
Yoga helps to learn how to breathe and regain balance, together with a greater muscular awareness provided by Pilates.

A type of yoga practiced in water that combines relaxation with toning and flexibility.

Laughter Yoga
Laughter, a form of universal language that unites and pacifies. Laughter, which is obtained through visual contact with others but originates from the diaphragm, together with introspection, produces a targeted alignment between body and mind, bringing about the serenity and joy typical of a child in contrast to the rigidity and inhibitions of an adult.

Eye Yoga
A specific practice that, through exercises performed with the eyes, transforms into a relaxation technique that helps strengthen the eye muscles, resulting in benefits for both the mind and body.

Hata Yoga
The oldest form of yoga, which focuses on classic asanas (postures) strengthened through conscious breathing, working deeply to lengthen and stretch the muscles.

Environmental protection

Green Day
A moment in which the marine biologist meets the guests and introduces them to the territory that welcomes them, through a narrative of landscape suggestions, curiosities, and characteristic elements of the destination.

Green Day for younger guests
Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. These are the three key words of the project. A carefree moment, such as during a vacation, is designed to be educational for children who will discover, during a walk along the coast, how nature changes due to waste.

Boat excursions
The boat excursion along the coastline will be accompanied by the marine biologist’s narrative, who will show you the flora and fauna present in the sea, including during a snorkeling session.

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