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It is the largest island in Italy and in the whole of the Mediterranean, an ancient land that preserves indelible traces of a glorious past. Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Normans are just some of the peoples who have conquered it over the centuries: all the cultural heritage of contemporary Sicily, what we are allowed to appreciate today, is nothing more than a splendid mix of elements that come from from remote times and distant lands. Sicily, like its inhabitants, is strong, generous, sunny. This is why it is the perfect setting for our VOI Marsa Siclà Resort, VOI Baia di Tindari Resort and VOI Arenella Resort. From these wonderful and elegant structures, you can leave for exciting excursions to the many treasures of the region. Dream beaches, city of millenary charm, nature, culture and a very rich food and wine tradition. Come and experience Sicily with VOI.

Sicily: 5 things to do and see

The Ancient Theater of Taormina

Also known as the Greek Theater, it is the main monument of this wonderful and elegant city and the second largest theater in Sicily, after that of Syracuse. But what makes it spectacular is not so much its size, but its extraordinary position overlooking the sea of ​​the Gulf of Schisò, with Mount Etna in the background.

Syracuse and the island of Ortigia

Defined by Cicero as the largest and most beautiful Greek city, Syracuse is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with precious evidence of the Greek and Roman period and splendid beaches. The oldest area of ​​the city, Ortigia, is essentially an island, connected to the mainland only by two bridges. The exceptional variety of its archaeological and architectural heritage make it a wonderful open-air museum.


An ancient fishing village in eastern Sicily, Marzamemi is a colorful fishing village where time seems to have stopped. Through its narrow streets, among characteristic stone houses, with a thousand colored details, you can breathe an authentic, sunny and welcoming atmosphere. Of course, you can’t help but fall in love with it.

The Valley of the Temples

Located near Agrigento, it is the most famous archaeological park in Sicily, with a landscape very similar to that of the Parthenon in Athens. Kissed by the sun, magnificent thousand-year-old temples stand out against the sky, guarding the charm of ancient mythological legends and tales of a glorious past.

Tindari and the Donna Villa cave

Fascinating pearl in the province of Messina, in Tindari there is one of the most important sacred places in Sicily: the Basilica Sanctuary of Maria Santissima, with the statue of the Black Madonna. But the Tindari area is also famous for its natural beauties, such as the Marinello lakes and the suggestive Grotta Donna Villa, on which hovers an ancient and fascinating legend, which features an evil sorceress and a mysterious treasure.

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VOI Arenella Resort

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VOI Baia di Tindari Resort

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VOI Marsa Siclà Essentia

97018 Sampieri, RG, Italia

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