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Essentia bye VOIhotels, La tua vacanza su misura

The world of Essentia

A way of traveling focused on the idea of living a slow time, which becomes space to be dedicated to through the return to the Essential.

Facilities that care about the well-being of the person, destinations that become places to escape from the hectic pace of daily life, to live a personalized experience discovering the territory.

Guest Relation

A figure who collaborates with the House Expert for all the activities to propose during the stay.

Sport Specialist

Your reference person for all the sports activities of your vacation.


Restore the balance between body and mind through activities that generate well-being.

Environmental protection

A series of activities focused on discovering and protecting the world around you.

Digital Detox

A program of activities and challenges that invite you to rediscover the value of the present.


Discover all the structure

Sicily | Sampieri

Comfort and relaxation in Sicily VOI Marsa Siclà Essentia is an elegant hotel is the small, romantic coastal village of Sampieri, on the southeast coat of Sicily. Designed to blend […]

New opening
Calabria | Parghelia

Comfort e relax in Calabria VOI Le Muse Essentia is a modern and welcoming structure by the sea, just 10 km from Tropea, on what is called the Coast of […]

New opening
Apulia | Otranto

Comfort and relaxation in Puglia Set amidst the greenery of a centuries-old pine wood, just a short distance from the sea, VOI Daniela Essentia stands in a prime position on […]

New opening
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