A new and important step on the Group’s sustainable path is represented by Gabbiani Verdi (“Green seagulls” in the Italian language): this name, that combines the symbol and the green soul of the project, identifies the new sustainability protocol created especially for Alpitour World of which VOIhotels is an integral part.

Gabbiani Verdi aims to evaluate and certify the sustainability of hotels and resorts, encouraging their commitment towards the reduction of their environmental impact, the improvement of their social responsibility and the adoption of the best management practices, to guarantee guests and travel agents the highest quality and transparency on these aspects as well. 

The protocol has been created and implemented by Dream&Charme, an accredited international certification body, it incorporates the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and it will progressively assess the accommodation facilities included in the Group’s offer, based upon nine macro-criteria.  Dream&charme has so far issued the “Gabbiani Verdi” certificate to resorts marketed by Alpitour World and mostly belonging to the Bravo and SeaClub collections of Francorosso, reviewing in situ about a thousand parameters and considering every aspect of the facilities, from indoor and outdoor spaces to kitchens, from technical areas to managerial practices, from staff to machineries, just to mention some of them. At the same time, a massive assessment of about 1,000 hotels has been launched, to respond to a telematic questionnaire to start a first evaluation on ESG issues and raise awareness of properties. Each structure will be involved in a continuous learning path towards a responsible culture, attentive to environmental, social and governance issues.

  • Respect for human rights, and fight against discrimination:
    Employees are guaranteed stable employment contracts; furthermore, they are provided with education, training, and protection during working hours.
  • Health and safety in the workplace:
    A safe and healthy work environment is ensured, and effective measures are taken to prevent potential accidents, injuries, or illnesses that may occur during or as a result of work activities.
  • Low environmental impact:
    At every step of the decision-making process, the facility takes into account the effects that the products used may have on the environment throughout their entire life cycle.
  • Clear and transparent communication with customers:
    The facility communicates its level of sustainability clearly and transparently, and also facilitates customers in following rules for safeguarding the planet (e.g. tools for proper waste recycling, reduction of plastic, etc.).
  • Sustainable sourcing:
    Suppliers who support the circular economy and guarantee adequate wages for all actors in the supply chain are given priority.
  • Efficient facility management protocols:
    There are management practices that ensure the safety of workers and guests. Training and updating courses are also conducted on the procedures to be followed, and work times and tools for their implementation are guaranteed. 
  • Involvement and development of the local community:
    The facility contributes to increasing the well-being of the local community by creating stable employment, income, and services.
  • Sustainable economic development:
    A sustainable economic model is pursued that allows for long-term growth not only of the facility itself but also of the community in which it lives and develops.
  • Cybersecurity:
    The facility pays the utmost attention to cybersecurity and the protection of customer information and personal data to ensure the best possible protection.

    *Certification is provided by Dream&Charme, the only independent body to have obtained national and international accreditation from Accredia (the institution that can attest to the independence and impartiality of certification bodies according to the Italian Government).
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