Our origins

Our story began in 2014, when the Alpitour Group, with over 70 years of experience in the tourism sector, decided to open a hotel management branch based on the values ​​of True Italian Hospitality. YOU.

This is how we were born, to accompany you to the best resorts in the most beautiful tourist destinations in Italy and around the world, with the friendliness, enthusiasm and passion that have always been part of our Italian DNA.
Sicily, Sardinia, Puglia, Calabria. And then, Cape Verde, Zanzibar, Madagascar. Iconic and fascinating locations, where we have designed enchanting structures for you, as an oasis in which to give shape to your dreams and spend unforgettable moments.

Our values

Hospitality, Tradition and Innovation,
this is our essence.

Hospitality, for us, is the art of hospitality: the same that has always distinguished our beautiful country. In our facilities you will not be customers, but dear guests. You will receive warmth and emotions. We will be able to pamper you, paying close attention to all your needs and taking care of every detail to offer you a unique experience.

The Italian Tradition and its virtues of love and dedication are a source of profound pride for us. Every day we return to our origins reflecting these same values ​​in our work, to ensure that all our guests feel welcomed like family.

With solid roots from our past, Innovation is the component that makes us look to the future. Always in step with the times, keeping the environment and people at the center of our universe. With this in mind, we have designed new dialogue tools, putting technology at the service of creating exciting experiences, customized for each guest.

Development focus

New destinations, territory and services.

New destinations: VOIhotels does not aim only to inaugurate new structures: it wants to give life to new tourist centers, to enhance places with great potential that are often unexpressed. Latest projects, the VOI Marsa Siclà Resort in Sicily and the VOI Palasa Bay Resort in Albania.

Dialogue with the territory: entering the territory by working in close synergy with the institutions, involving communities, integrating people, offering employment and enhancing local cultures by proposing, for example, ad hoc excursions and typical dishes.

Services: the range of services and activities that enrich and personalize the experience inside the hotel: pluses and important attentions that allow you to make your holiday unforgettable.

VOIhotels for the environment

Together to change

By collaborating with institutions and local communities, we are committed to making the areas where our structures are located grow, helping them to emerge as new tourist centers, offering our guests services and activities closely linked to the territory. Unique experiences for each destination, which will lead you to discover the culture and the magical charm of these places.

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