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Sustainability is something we have at heart

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Our goal is to develop hospitality at the highest standards of environmental sustainability in our hotels by promoting an increasing awareness of guests on the issue of sustainability. We develop hospitality at the highest standards of sustainable tourism, made up of ethical choices, safety at work, use of local products and protection of nature. We raise awareness among our guests on the issue of environmental sustainability by increasing their awareness. We interact with the environment and the territories in which we operate to protect and enhance them. We allow local communities to benefit from our presence in a logic of circular economy..



Developing in our hotels a sustainable hospitality at its highest standard.


Raising awareness of environmental sustainability in our guests


Interacting with the environment and the territories in order to protect and value them


Allowing local communities to benefit from our presence in order to ensure a circular economy

The holiday that is good for the planet

Looking forward means not setting limits in order to not limit the future

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council is an organization established in 2007 to promote sustainability and social responsibility in the world of tourism. VOIhotels has implemented a certification process for its energy consumption and behavior. The GSTC certification is the only internationally recognized certification that guarantees compliance with social, economic, and environmental requirements. We value the territory by understanding and respecting the local culture, keeping up with technology in terms of energy and consumption, and committing ourselves to the purchase of local products with recyclable or reusable packaging because hospitality also means sustainability.

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Small gestures for big goals

We believe that great goals can be achieved also through small acts

Starting from the 2019 summer season, we have decided to announce the stop to the use of single-use plastic in our hotels. Disposing of plastic takes a long time and, if we think about how many drinks are consumed in the summer months, it is easy to understand the great impact that each hotel has on the environment. This is why in 2019 VOIhotels committed to eliminating 1.1 million pieces of plastic and decided to renew its commitment, training, and sensitizing its guests to the responsible consumption of plastic and its sustainable disposal.

The suistainable holiday has another taste

For us respecting Earth is living in harmony with the territories that host our hotels

For us, respecting the earth also means living in harmony with the territories in which our hotels are located. Where possible, customers will find corners dedicated to organic products at “Km Zero”, moreover the restaurant buffets welcome a greater presence of vegetarian and vegan dishes, guaranteeing variety for the duration of the stay. But treating the topic of food in a responsible way also means taking on the task of offering suitable foods and solutions and need specific conditions, such as gluten-free products dedicated to celiacs, in order to fully enjoy their holiday even when speaking about catering.

Even a drop makes the difference

In a sea of awareness

Worldrise is an association that acts to safeguard the marine environment through creative awareness-raising projects that promote the change necessary to build together a better future for our Blue Planet. VOIhotels in collaboration with Worldrise promotes education on the sea and its wonders by involving guests to promote knowledge and training on the importance of safeguarding the marine environment.

The natural gesture of VOIhotels for the environtment

For more than a year we have eliminated the use of single-use plastic in our resorts and this summer, the line of hair and body products also becomes completely plastic-free. Try the new solid hand wash and body wash, two eco-friendly solutions created exclusively for VOIhotels. A choice of love that is attentive to our well-being and the planet that surrounds us.





Waste oils released into nature cause significant environmental damage, which is why they are recycled in our facilities to obtain regenerated oils to be put back on the market. A profitable recovery whose proceeds are donated, thanks to the partnership with Renoil, to the Worldrise 30X30 project aimed at protecting the marine heritage of the Mediterranean, facilitating the establishment of Marine Protected Areas in Italian waters with one goal: to protect the 30% of the Italian sea by 2030.

Hospitality without inconveniences

All VOIhotels facilities are certified Dream & Charme, the first and only independent, impartial, specialized and legally accredited international certification body aimed at guaranteeing the characteristics of the accommodation facilities towards guests and agencies, ensuring that the certified structures meet the sustainability requirements of the tourism sector acknowledging the main requirements on this issue of international safety and sanitation standards, which pay real attention to social, environmental and correct management issues, providing even greater certainty, reliability and safety.

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