Lifestyle Voihotels

Where to achieve unforgettable experiences

VOIhotels Lifestyle. Where to achieve unforgettable experiences.

A collection of hotels for life, arts, culture lovers and those who want to participate actively to experience the destination.
Introducing a new product generation composed by three distinctive hotels:

⦁    VOI Donna Camilla Savelli Hotel ****
⦁    VOI Grand Hotel Atlantis Bay *****
⦁    VOI Grand Hotel Mazzarò *****

Our Lifestyle Hotels offer a unique and lovely atmosphere. Thanks to the high standards of services, we are proud to offer a modern line of products, having some specific characteristics and the great appeal of the locations.
Lifestyle Hotels target high-end customers and Luxury markets, representing also a perfect solution for any kind of events.
This resulted in the achievement of an important recognition, as VOI Donna Camilla Savelli Hotel has been awarded as Italy’s Leading Lifestyle Hotel in 2015 and 2016.

Key features that discern our Lifestyle Hotels

Meeting new customers’ requirements.
The concept of Luxury has evolved. A Lifestyle Hotel caters to the changing tastes of travelers.
Renewal is at the soul of VOIhotels – whether it is the seasonal menu items or local wines’ selection in the restaurant, or local events designed to connect with the community – our Lifestyle Hotels will always deliver an engaging and vibrant experience for our guests.

Connect individuals and build relationships.
Customers used to evaluate a hotel for the elegance of its rooms. Now it’s not enough. Sharing is the new key world, and having some features helping people to share is fundamental. VOIhotels Lifestyle is going in that direction offering new technological tools and new social experiences.

The exclusivity and uniqueness of location.
A monastery designed by one of the most famous Italian architect in XVII century, now the VOI Donna Camilla Savelli Hotel, can be defined using just one word: unique. The same holds for a place like VOI Grand Hotel Atlantis Bay, with its elements from the marine world and its large terraces overlooking the crystalline water. The spectacular view of VOI Grand Hotel Mazzarò Sea Palace, towering the world famous bay of Mazzarò with its private sandy beach and the deep blue of the sea. Our structures are rare masterpieces, located in wonderful places with great historical and artistic value.