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Life in Italian Style

Luxury - Beauty - History

Unforgettable Experiences.

A hotels collection for art and Italian culture lovers, to experience the authentic spirit of Rome and Taormina.

In VOIhotels lifestyle hotels, beauty will guide your stay, giving amazing experiences of luxury hospitality, full of emotions, that will keep on living in memory feeding the desire to come back.


Exclusive Services

Lifestyle VOIhotels, a prestigious selection of hotels where you can live the true Italian hospitality made of tailored services according to the needs of an international customer. Guests will be welcomed by a professional multilingual and multitasking staff, highly trained and experienced.


Unique locations

Hotels located in the most famous and evocative places of the “Bel Paese”, icons of style and elegance, will show from the first stay the beauty of the locations that welcome them: Rome and Taormina.


Memorable places

Stories of places linked to myths and legends, architectural jewels between ancient seas and Baroque works of art. Experiences intended to remain in the heart and soul of those who live there. A heaven of rest between history and landscape.


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