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Frequent questions about security model protocol

  • How is the breakfast service organized?

We have prepared a buffet of products (rusks, yogurt, biscuits) available in single-dose portions and self service. A wide choice of sweet and salty products is avalaible in a buffet assisted by our staff. Cold and hot beverages will be served in specific stations.

  • Are drinks available from dispensers or are they served by waiters?

Beverages at meals will be available in specific stations assisted by our waiters.

  • How can guests choice the dishes for their meal?

The daily menu can be read through the App.

  • Is it possible to check-in and pay for Club cards and City tax before the arrival?

The whole bill,including city tax and club cards, can be paid directly online. Guests can check-in online through a link that they will receive at the confirmation oftheir reservation.

  • Do guests who have done the online check-in still have to queue?

Customers who checked in online must still go to reception desk for their identification and to give consent to the personal data processing; however, we created a privileged skip-the-line entrance for them.

  • How will VOI concierge services take place?

At VOI concierge is available a reduced program; all suppliers and the destinations suggested in the program have been carefully checked. A list of certified restaurants and attractions is available for guests’ independent use.

  • Will the structures maintain the same occupancy as in previous years?

The resorts’ occupancy is carefully monitored and individually managed, so that the social gatherings can be avoided and the proper fruition of our services and of the large spaces of our resorts can still be guaranteed.

  • How is the access to swimming pools managed?

Sunbeds will be placed by the pool in compliance with the provisions of the Authorities: the distances between one sunbed and the next and the occupation density (7 square meters per person) will be strictly respected. When all places are fulfilled, the access to the swimming pool will be no longer possible, but we increased the space available in the pool solariums in order to accommodate a larger number of guests, wherever possible. The minimum of 7 square meters per person also applies to the water surface available for each guest in the pool. The maximum capacity of the pools will be properly signposted.

  • Should I book the beach?

The rules forthe use of our beaches do not change, in resorts where reservations were required, it will be necessary to book the service also this year, in resorts where it was not necessary the same rules of previous years willremain.

  • Can shows be booked? What if there is no availability?

The shows, if necessary, will be repeated several times during the same day and several times during the week. If the reservation is required, the shows can be booked also through the App. There is no risk of missing a show: the evening entertainment offer has been multiplied and on the same evening there are multiple events at the same time.

  • Do guests have to wear a protective mask in the resort?

Government regulations require that a mask must be worn inside the hotel and when moving around the restaurant. In any case, the general rule that must be used whenever it is not possible to observe the interpersonal distance is valid.

  • What does sanitization mean? What has changed compared towhat was done before?

For cleaning we use products certified as medical surgical devices effective in the fight against Coronavirus by the ITALIAN NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH .The active ingredients are three: sodium hypochlo- rite, ethanol and hydrogen peroxide, depending on the surfaces to be cleaned, one principle is used rather than another. Our housekeepers have a cleaning program defined by our Protocol, which provides for the use of these products daily. When the room is set up for the arrival of a new guest, in addition to the normal procedure, we also do the disinfec- tion of pillows, bedspreads and curtains. For guests who prefer to avoid the entry of cleaning staff into the room, we can only provide the option of daily delivery towels and change of bed linen mid-week. The clean- ings are checked on a daily sample and swabs are made to check their effectiveness.

  • Will the discos be open? Will you be able to dance?

The Ministry of Health declared that from the 16th August  all dance activities that take place in discos, ballrooms and similar places intended for entertainment or that take place on the beach and common areas of the accommodation facilities or other places open to the public will be suspended, both indoors and outdoors. Hence, all dance activities including dance schools are suspended but fitness activities that respect social distancing such as water aerobics are not suspended.

  • Will you be able to dance during the refrain?

The refrain can only be danced by the animators on stage and not by the guests.

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